Intelligent incident management solution

Radius allows you to easily capture safety and security incidents, quickly detect key issues, and instantly communicate vital information across departments—anytime, anywhere.

Organize, access, and communicate

Protecting your organization requires more than security personnel and equipment. It takes intelligence, teamwork, and bringing departments—and information—together.

Complex issues

When incident reports are scattered across departments, it's an all-out effort to physically gather the facts, notify the right people, and quickly address issues.

One solution

When you connect information with Radius, finding the facts is easier, faster, and more reliable. By accessing one secure system, you spend less time producing reports and more time addressing real issues.

Capture anywhere

Our mobile technology gives you an edge by connecting rich incident data from any location. And, real-time notifications keep everyone informed.

Real-time mobile incident reporting

Radius is helping to revolutionize the way reports are filed. Capture accurate and factual evidence from the scene, such as photographs and geolocation, in real time. The result is more accurate incident reporting that documents better information for robust reports.

Automatic alerts for rapid response

You decide who needs to be notified and when based on incident severity and type. Alerts are instantly sent to supervisors or other departments.

Real-time visibility

View your organizations activity from more than one angle. Slice and dice data for compelling analysis, or tap directly into incident archives to access any data you need and instantly generate reports.

Operational and executive dashboards

Our advanced dashboards provide extensive views of site-wide trends, visual hotspots, what-if scenario analyses, timelines, maps, and more. No matter how you choose to view data, you gain powerful insights into your operations.

Reporting made simple

Once captured, incident data is always available and can be accessed based on a user's role. You decide what needs to be included, and Radius automatically generates reports using the historical data that's already captured.

Connect your team

Respond to the needs of your organization on demand, boost transparency, and gain relevant insights—without breaking the budget.

Easy to adopt

You decide what departments, locations, or groups of users to start with, and scale up—or down—based on the needs of your business.


Radius costs a fraction of other solutions because we provide you with a highly adaptable platform without the need for IT departments, engineers, or equipment.

Grows with your needs

By empowering you to manage what needs to be captured and how results should be prioritized and communicated, Radius provides the dexterity to solve tomorrow’s problems, today.

How it works

Smarter incident reporting, better communication, real-time analysis, and automated reporting.

Security officers, staff, or other users report incidents using their mobile phone—or desktop. Radius prioritizes the incident based on severity or other policies you define.

When an incident that meets your criteria is filed, Radius instantly alerts key parties and activates the next sequence of events, such as opening risk assessment or corrective action items.

Because all captured data exists in one secure system, Radius can now provide compelling analysis of organizational activity as well as one-click reporting for regulatory compliance.